Reliable foundation repair serving Niagara Region since 1998.

Our Services

Chance™ Helical Pier Installation

Stabilize, support and lift areas of a foundation that have failed.

Foundation Structural Repair

Effective reconstruction or reinforcement of exterior foundation walls.

Basement Waterproofing

Protect, drain and grade to keep water away from structure.

Expert Masonry Restoration

Repointing, replacement and repair of mortar joints to brick or stone exterior walls.

Commercial and Industrial Projects

Large-scale repair and restoration projects of Niagara’s commercial and community facilities.

Foundation Solutions for these Warning Signs

Bowing, bulging walls

Diagnostic: Soil expansion caused by water saturation

Tilting chimneys, stairway gaps, sticking windows

Diagnostic: Sinking structure caused by poor soil condition

Standing water and high humidity

Diagnostic: Shifting foundation caused by hydrostatic pressure

Wet basement

Diagnostic: Foundation cracks caused by improper drainage

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